Saturday, March 11, 2017

Etsy Shop

It took me exactly ten years from when I picked up my first DSLR with the ambition of learning as much as I possibly could about photography to today when I feel I have improved enough to be able to offer my work to you for collection. A proverbial journey that took me from Europe to California, taught me a great deal about esthetics and gave me ample chances to just sit somewhere peacefully to look at things.
I opened my Etsy Shop, where I sell Limited Edition prints of my journey. You can expect the highest level of technical quality from these prints that I can achieve today and the maniacal attention to details that often infuriates people around me. Each and every print is created by me: it's a unique piece. Once a Limited Edition is completed, I will not print that image anymore in that format.
For any piece that I sell on Etsy, I will devolve 10% of the full price to fight cancer, which will be matched by my employer.
If you are curious about any technical aspect of my photography work, don't hesitate to write me in private or here in the comments.