Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Golden Gate

Golden Gate in the mist

The Golden Gate in San Francisco is on fire! Or it looks like it's on fire when it's surrounded by fog and mist during a warm autumn evening, and it's framed accordingly. It's a wonderful metaphor of the two cities behind the bridge, San Francisco and Oakland, so different, and both on fire for different reasons. San Francisco is the hot cultural capital of USA, smug and posh, but open and diverse. Oakland is the working horse of California, also the center of attention during the days of the 99% movement.

While we were driving into the city with the idea of shooting a sunset on the bridge, a thick fog welcomed us: "Hope it stays as is until the bridge". We crossed the Golden Gate with very limited visibility, but when we drove up to the vista points, we left the fog behind us, under, us and joined a pretty consistent flock of photographers attracted by the same even.

This image was taken on a Sony A900 full frame camera, with a long focal length (approximately 200mm) with the intent of compressing the planes, and a long exposure of 30 seconds to smooth the mist around the base of the bridge. The red tone comes naturally from the city and the bridge lights around the Bay.

Sony A900, 200mm, f/6.3, 25s